Brilliant Autumn: Reaping a Bounteous Harvest

"But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons, And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing."

- Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

The low afternoon sun cast soft rays through a cool October breeze. Tall maples filled the park with fiery shades of orange and gold. These colorful trees conveyed feelings of strength and peace.

Two children darted across a carpet of crackling leaves. They shouted gleefully, pretending to be a prince and princess. They were filled with the bubbly joy of anticipation that children feel during the spring time of life.

At the same time, the brilliant maples reminded me that autumn can be filled with anticipation of beauty and strength. In all seasons of life, there are wonderful treasures to expect.

What will happen between the spring and autumn of your life? What will you do to experience the peaceful strength and fruitful harvests that an inspired life brings?

One of the first things we can do is sow good-quality seeds of faith and action. We can gain skills and knowledge. Then we can keep those skills sharp and polished by continuing to learn.

The seasons have no lack of time; each is balanced within a cycle of birth, growth and rest. Likewise, the only time we lack is that which we fail to use for worthwhile purposes.

Each of us have different priorities and degrees of discipline for balancing the use of time. When we say yes to one thing, we say no to something else.

The harvest will arrive in due season whether bounteous or lean. It can bring satisfaction of a job well done. It can convey contentment and strength as life prepares to rest, anticipating another spring time.

Ask yourself, "What seeds will I sow today that will yield a bounteous harvest? What will I say "yes" to today?

If you sow quality seeds of thought, faith, and action today, your harvest can be plentiful, and the autumn foliage brilliant. May your autumns bring all the joy, strength, and prosperity that you've ever wanted!

Wishing you blessings and success!

Steve Brunkhorst

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