Stop Trying to be Perfect

In the moment of completing a thought or action, it becomes "perfect," within our ability to do it. Any process is perfect, in relationship to what it created. In your sojourn in this world you are in a state of perfection trying to get to a place of perfection. Taking the first step on your journey is just as perfect as taking the 100th step or the 1000th. You do not have to try to be perfect, you are perfection in motion.

One of the problems with perfection, is that you measure yourselves against the perfection of others. Every peace of the 5000 piece puzzle is perfect and unique. Why would a round piece think of itself as imperfection beside a square piece. Would not the square piece think itself imperfect in relationship to the round hole it is trying to fit into to.

All of us have a place in the whole picture. All of us are perfect. All of us are trying to fit somewhere. In our journey to find our place, why would we try to be as another piece. It is a dead end road. As we force ourselves to fit in, life becomes difficult, frustrating and meaningless.

You do not have to try to be something you already are. You simply have to accept that fact, to find peace and happiness in your life. Acceptance is the first step in creating something new. You need to know where you are before you can decide where you want to go. You need to know who you are before you can begin to make changes in your life that reflect your new thoughts about who you want to be.

Self destructive thoughts about who you are is not acceptance. You live in a physical world that is created by you, by your thoughts. Every physical object in your life reflects your thoughts about who and what you think you are. They are perfect symbols of your thought process. When you begin to change your thoughts, your symbols will disappear and be replaced by others. You always fit in, because you change the picture to match your shape, your thoughts about yourself. This how life truly works. It is not a fact that you react to your environment. Your environment reacts to you, because you are creating it.

Do not try to be perfect. Know that you already are, and always will be. If you don't like what you see, change your thoughts about it, and the puzzle will change for you. You always fit in. If you are having difficulties fitting in, then you need to make adjustments. It's not that you are not perfect, but you may be that square piece trying to fit a round hole. You may be trying to live up to the image of another or the expectations of that other. You need to change your environment or circumstances to reflect your new thoughts.

If you see yourself as a square piece, then you will start doing square things. Your life and it's circumstances will reflect that thought. If you try to do a round piece thing, it may not work for you.

You have grown up with the notion that you are imperfect and that you are working towards perfection. Know this! You will never be perfect until you know that you are and accept it. You are no less perfect than your creator, because you are your creator trying to act imperfectly. You are part of the puzzle living in the illusion of separation. Divided from the rest through time and space. You are the whole in the process of recreating itself by bringing it's individualized pieces back to itself. You are perfection, being perfect, trying to get back to perfection, trying to become itself once again. There is nothing you have to do, say or be to get there. Your place is guaranteed.

Live within your perfection and make adjustments to your environment and circumstances to accommodate your new thoughts about yourself. It is only your thoughts of imperfection that cause you to experience imperfection. It's not necessary. It is a perfect world, because it is our nature to be that way. Look at your world and see what it holds for you. Conflict, war, hunger, disease and struggle are perfect reflections of how you wish to experience your world. They are there because you have created them. You have accepted their existence. If you do not like them, do not deny them, simply give them no thought and they will not be your experience. A doctor would not exist, except for the fact that he creates his patients through the process of disease. A priest would not exist except for the thought that there are sinners who need to be saved. A writer would not exist, except for the thought, that there are people out there who read.

You have gone full circle. There is nothing you have to do, except to create more perfection. You are here to experience all of perfection, that is your only function. You are perfection, creating perfection until you have found your place in the big picture and are joined once again with perfection.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom.">

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