Something About Nothing

Buddhists study nothing because they have found that you must know nothing before you can know or create anything.

I have devoted most of my time over the last five years in the study of the principals of manifesting. Thoughts are manifested into physical being with no conscious effort on your part. It is automatic, and at some level a thought is always manifested physically in time and space.

The steps to creation are very simplistic; they are thought, word and deed. What the issue in creating what you desire on demand appears to be, is that you think too much. You are overly concerned with the process, rather than the results and you want to take control of it.

Your brains are constantly buzzing with activity with over 65,000 thoughts per day being processed. Most of those thoughts are old business and do not pertain to what is at hand. Over the years you allow your brains to fill with needless thoughts and you generate an over abundance of background noise. Because your awareness is being focused on what is being processed, you have little control of it. Your awareness is not on the correct step in the process. If you are constantly looking to see if you have what you wanted; you are creating the experience of not having.

The fundamental key to the secret of manifesting what you desire is thought control. Know what you desire and it is yours. Think about what it is and you may get something else. You must be perfectly clear in your mind what it is that you desire or you will not get it.

For example, if I told you that I want to be happy, this very statement produces unhappiness, because I "want," therefore I have not. The thought of happiness produces happiness, not the wanting.

If I were to say that thirty one million dollars would make me happy, I would be incorrect. I cannot make myself happy. I can think happy then do happy things. Emotion follows thought. I might think that a lot of money will make me happy, but all I will create is a lot of money and there may not be any happiness. The money does not create the happiness, the thought does.

To create more effectively on a conscious level, you need to be in touch with your thoughts. In order for that to happen you need to quiet your thoughts and think about nothing. You must decide whether you want the money or the happiness. You can have the happiness without the money and you can have the money without the happiness or you can have both. Money simply is not an ingredient in making happiness.

Because there are so many thoughts racing through your brain, you need to clear them out as best you can so that you can focus more clearly on what it is that you really want. If you want the money so that you can prove the system works, what you will get is the experience of trying to prove that the system works.

If there was only one thought in your brain at one time and that was to create thirty one million dollars, you would experience manifesting that exact amount of money. It may not be clear in your mind what you are trying to do. You may be thinking that you want thirty one million dollars, but you will settle for less so you will try to trick the system and end up with nothing. On top of that thinking there is the big one, "THIS CANNOT WORK," "I can not just create thirty one million dollars out of thin air, no one can," and of course you would be correct because your current thought about it not being possible just shot down any chances of creating it.

You may have noticed that Buddhism and other beliefs rely heavily on affirmations, prayer and contemplation in order to still the mind. It is to get closer to ones purpose, know your purpose and you will experience it.

Simplicity and the study of nothing are key factors in the creation of what it is that you desire. The study or wanting of things brings more confusion and less desirable results. In your study or quest for happiness, know what it is you desire first and it shall be yours.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom.">

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