This article was channelled through me by an entity called Joseth (My name for the creator)

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth

Roy? Your world is going through a period of awakening with the advent of the Tsunami disaster. Global attention is now on relief measures for the survivors and relatives of those lost.

Roy? if humanity can put itself into the position of the silent observer and move past the disaster for a moment, there are great things that have come and will come out of it. The disaster as tragic as it was, also has great beauty once you can get past the impact of the event itself.

Once again I must tell you that humanity is not a victim of circumstance but is creating it. War, pestilence, natural disasters are created by mankind himself. When man's heart is filled with fear, hate, revenge, and all other matters of negative thought, en mass he creates these so called natural disasters to bring his thoughts into physical reality.

It is not me that caused the earth quakes or the flooding. The bottom line is it was the collective thinking of most of the earth's inhabitants. All thoughts no matter how small or large, are at some level brought into physical reality. To confirm this, look back in your most recent history. A good part of your world is at war and thoughts of survival and protection are on the minds of over half the world.

The world needs relief from these negative thoughts; they must be balanced with positive thoughts. Your world is one of cause and effect, what you think about you will cause to happen.

The disaster is a slap on the back of the head that is bringing all kinds of opportunities to humanity at this moment.

The beauty in this disaster is the opportunity that it brings to humanity to demonstrate where it's thinking and level of consciousness brings it. How far are we evolved now? What are the signs the clearly show us how enlightened and aware we really are? What are the opportunities in this disaster that will guide us and demonstrate what stage humanity is now passing through.

The opportunities are many. It is time to demonstrate your connectiveness, part of the whole body is hurting and the rest of the body feels it.

It is now a time for the whole to be healed, not just part of it.

It is a time for humanity to show its compassion, to reach out to so called strangers in a time of grief, for their losses.

It is a time to demonstrate one's charity and consideration.

It is a time to move away from thoughts of war and destruction.

It is a time of bonding and bringing all of humanity back to a place of peace.

It is a time for those that are less evolved to demonstrate how they can take advantage of other people's misfortune by stealing, cheating, kidnapping and killing.

It is also an opportunity to be victimized from those that would try to motivate you through guilt. One should never be motivated by guilt, it is a denial of self.

It is a time of great emotional upheaval and is an opportunity to show yourself and the world how you are motivated.

The great tragedy in this whole event is not with the victims or the survivors but how humanity reacts as a whole. There is no RIGHT or WRONG in how you react. There is simply opportunity to bring awareness to yourself and others.

The possibilities and probabilities are endless and all of them are choices. Every event brings with it opportunities to demonstrate were you are on the evolutionary path.

You are "one" with me; you are individualized peaces of my body and therefore are of a like mind. One part of my body cannot do a thing without the consent of the rest of the body. My left hand cannot reach out and slap my cheek without the consent of the cheek to be slapped. Both parts must be in complete agreement and in the perfect time and place for the event to happen.

The participants of the Tsunami disaster are not victims, they participated at a very deep level of their understanding otherwise they would not have been in the right time and place for the event to happen. They have clearly demonstrated that the body is hurting; that the body's thinking is in error or faulted.

It is a wake up call to the rest of the world that there needs to be a shift in thinking. These people sacrificed themselves physically so that the rest of the world could be healed holistically. Those souls are still alive they have not left my body and cannot. All of you play many parts, you create your own story and circumstance and it is demonstrated physically.

The body is in pain and needs to have a thought adjustment. What just happened was not a sacrifice more than it was a gift to the rest of the body (humanity).

If your thoughts are with destruction, fear, and hatred you as a group will demonstrate it. If your thoughts are with peace and good will you will also demonstrate that. Learn to control your thoughts. Do not waist your energy on being against war, famine, disease. Instead fill your thoughts with peace, health, abundance and that is what you will experience.

War and peace are the same thing, you cannot deny one without denying the other, they both exist. It is what you choose to experience that makes the difference. While you are thinking less peace you are moving closer to war. When you choose peace you will have moved away from war, but you cannot get rid of it, you simply do not experience it.

You as a society have choices in how you will experience this so called disaster.

If you experience it as a disaster you will experience loss. Once past the grief you can choose to experience the event as a gift and you will come ahead with a new awareness of where you and the rest of humanity sees itself in it's own evolution.

Neither choice is right or wrong, it simply is a signpost along the way of what is working or not working for you and the rest of humanity.

This is my gift to you, this awareness. Know this, it is observable that humanity is still at war with itself. Humanity must turn its thoughts to peace in order to experience it. In each of your nations there is suffering, lack, and disease. This also demonstrates your level of awareness and enlightenment. There are no evil villains here, to know a perceived enemy you must know yourself as that enemy.

Do not look to me to change your circumstances, I cannot. You have absolute freedom (unconditional love) and power to create your own circumstances. It is the greatest gift that I can give to you. It is my prime directive; I cannot and will not interfere with the workings of humanity. Your enlightenment is clearly demonstrated by the symbols you leave behind. You need only to open your eyes and look; you do not need me to condemn you or punish you, you do that well enough without me.

This is the greatest message: "Your God cannot help you; I have given you unconditional love and power to help yourself."

The fastest way to peace is to know that you have it.

The fastest way to abundance is to know that you have it.

The fastest way to good health is to know that you have it.

The fastest way to happiness is to know that you have it.

The fastest way to know love is to know that you are it.

Roy E. Klienwachter is an ordained minister,light worker, writer and author of Spiritual New Age Wisdom books written in simple language with the eloguence of Zen wisdom. www.klienwachter.com">http://www.klienwachter.com

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