Anam Chara - Wishing Versus Wanting

There is an old saying, which warns, "be careful for what you wish because you may get what you want."

How many of us actually heed this age-old advice. Do you know what it is you would wish for if you were given the opportunity? We are forever being conditioned to believe there are "things" we want and need. This does not mean we know our true heart`s desire. We have become unsure of what we truly want. To make a wish is to dwell deeply in imagination. Albert Einstein once said "Imagination is greater than intellect."

This father of modern science Albert Einstein loved the imagination. I have come to know him through many of the quotations attributed to him. In fact only this week I received a magazine, which was a gift subscription from a friend. On reading the back page I find the following quotation: -

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."

Albert Einstein

This reminds me there are only two ways to live.

One is to live in fear and the other is to live as love. Wishes and wish making have been the subject of fairy story all through the ages. Wishes are the gifts given to the hero/ine. The hero/ine is granted wishes to be used, as they desire for good or ill.

Often the story of wishes is about the journey of the little self to the true SELF. The more selfish the wish the harder the quest becomes for the hero/ine. Wishes have magic about them. When I use the word magic I mean they have the power to draw energy to you. You become the energy you wish for. Miracles and magic contain the same type of energy.

Wishes are deeper than wanting. Wishes are closer to your heart`s longing and belonging. Wanting is fickle and subject to the vagaries of fashion. Wants by their nature change. Wants are often imposed from without. Wishes are more related to universal values and to individual heart felt yearnings.

There is to my mind an element of sorrow connected to wishing.

In the phrase "be careful for what you wish," you are advised to "be careful." This instruction interests me because it advises us to enter a feeling experience. To "be careful" is to become full of lamenting. It is to sing a song of your hearts sorrow. In this way you become connected to the song of the universal heart.

Hero/ines know wishes are fulfilled when they display the courage to enter the heart. When you overcome the fear of knowing who you truly are you come home to yourself. You become all you ever wished for. You become all you could have imagined and did imagine.

At the end of the journey on the Yellow Brick Road Dorothy is asked by the Great Oz, "What have you learned." In essence she learns she loves her home and the relationships there. She wishes she had never left it. She is advised by the Wizard that she can now return home because she has discovered the power of her heart. She is told she always had the ability to return but love had to be there in order for her to release the magic in the ruby slippers..

We have forgotten our power to love. We do not look to our hearts for guidance. We look to experts in knowledge and not lovers of knowing. We look for people who are guides to some unknown future and avoid the presence of the wise.

Wishing is not wanting.

The word wish is based on the old Germanic words WEEL and WONT. These combined give us the idea that wishing is a "dwelling in imagination." Wishing is a visionary art. It is holistic. Is not partial. To have your wish come true you have to become at-one-with the wish. You create in your hearts imagination the very experience you long for.

Wishes call on the power of unconditional love.

They call on the energy of intention. What do you as co creator of this world intend. You have the power to be all you desire. You can have it all. The question for you to answer is "Too what purpose?" Where lies your life's purpose? What do you intend to be? This is different from asking answering the question "what do I intend to do?"

"Doing your life" is merely expressing your life in activity. More and more this means activity for activities sake. Expressing your being is love in action. Joy in living is simply the ability to act from love rather than to do action from a place of judgement.

Wishing is contemplative. Wanting is whimsical. One takes you inward to a place of knowing. The other keeps you outwardly focused. The latter keeps you directed to a future orientated place. Life is lost through being absent to the present moment.

"Be careful what you wish for." Wishing is only for the hero/ine. This is not someone who only fights on battlefields. It is any one of us who dares to be open to the reality of who they are. This wishing is more often done in the silence of the heart.

Go well wishing.

Wish yourself well. Wish yourself happiness. Wish others wellness and happiness. Wish each and everyone well. Feel it and just don't say it. When you connect with this well wishing with an open heart you will be "full of care." You will be full of lamenting. You will have come home to your heart. You will come your senses. It will begin to melt any sorrow, bitterness and hatred that is locked away. These are the dragons you are to befriend rather than destroy.

Once you feel and experience your hearts desire you will be less concerned with judging others. You will know "there but for grace go I." You will know that "no man is an island." You will begin to feel a deep connectedness with all there is. You will become a wishing well presence.

Well wishing is a meditation technique I use myself. Sometimes on a difficult day I give all the wishing to myself. Most days it is sent to all my friends and family. This includes the world family.

Wish well and open your heart to caring.

You cannot love greatly without the possibility of sorrow. Do not fear your sorrow. Do not lock it away so that you become uneasy with it. Do not make it the energy of dis-ease. Be careful. Do not be afraid of lamenting. Know that all is well and all manner of things shall be well.

Remember you are enough just as you are.

Make a heart felt commitment to come home to knowing this. You can be present to the experience of wonder. You can be present to the feeling that you are OK now and forever. Come home to the under-standing that there is nothing wrong with you.

Well wishing upon you now and forever. Remember that the Blessing is already here and you are it.

Tony Cuckson is an Anam Cara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Blessings for YOU, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs.

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