Israel Is My Son

"And thou shalt say unto Pharoah, Thus saith the Lord, "Israel is my son, even my first-born. And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me;and if thou refuse to let him go, behold I will slay thy son, even thy first born(Exodus 4.22)."

The story of "Exodus"is a parable of the soul's escape from the house of bondage called Egypt. The Pharoah is your outer mind, the human consciouoosness formed by sense gratification. The Lord is the God within, the I AM THAT I AM. Israel is the Christ consciousness that is formed in you by the union of these two houses in scripture, the house of Israel and the house of Judah represented in the anagram, Is ra el as two kinds of energy, one with a positive polarity of desire( ra ) and one with a negative polarity of feeling(is). This union can only be with the Lord, the God within(el) in whose image man is made(Gen 1.26). Judah, meaning praise, represents your feeling body, of the emotions, negative in polarity with the house(consciousness) of Israel, meaning having power with God.

This outer mind, called the carnal mind is king of your consciousness and will not let the people of God go. If the outer personal ego represented by the king of Egypt, does not surrender to the God within, then the judgement of the living God within is to slay, or kill, all sense of mortality called the firstborn of Egypt...through the plagues sent against the house of Egypt, not a place, but a state of mortal consciousness in you of the sense of sin, disease, and death...all created by the outer ego as illusion. But the divine consciousness, however ,of the firstborn, your generation of consciousness according to the law of the God within, that is not mortal, but redeemed.

Note: Exodus is the second book of the Law, and corresponds to what in consciousness is deliverance, theme of having the mind of Christ. On the cosmic clock this is the mental quadrant of consciousness where thought is generated. Chapter 4 is on the 3 o'clock line of God control, in the house of Aries. And on this line is the 4th son of Jacob, the tribe of Judah(Gen 49.8-12). The testing of the soul on this line is overcoming all mental patterns of conceit, deceit, ego and mental arrogance embodied and outplayed by Pharoah, who has enslaved the consciousness of the whole outer world by the illusion and delusion of the personal ego. But when the outer ego is sacrificed upon the altar of the heart(3/9 axis of the cosmic clock of God reality and God control), the soul is union with his own Holy Christ Self. And "Israel Is My Son"-what is real in you in this God dominion over consciousness(Gen 1.26) by the right use of the first ray of God power...from which the human has gone astray, lost and is scattered, even as the kingdom of Israel became divided- ie, mind from heart, and heart from mind and lost among the nations not knowing its identity as the sons and daughters of the true God within.

The first born of Egypt is in consciousness your mortal thought and feeling. This is slain when you withdraw the life from the outer senses and put your attention upon the light of God in the center of being where I AM...God Reality. There is more, where this law of cycles of the cosmic clock that is verse 22-12=10... is on the nine o'clock line of God reality in the house of libra.. this test in the threshing floor of the heart where Christ love is your gift of discernment between reality and unreality...for only love fulfills the law of being.

I write on the scriptures and their correspondance to consciousness. Raised in Detroit, Mich. by disfunctional parents, I made a vow to find the truth. My quest ended in joining a spiritual community in Mt. where I am now retired.

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