It is hard to capture the synchronicity of this next post. I can only assure you that I was working on integrating these things for this book and this post from a healer came through in answer to my directed thought or intent-ional request. Intent is a vital element of magical operations. Here is my response to this post I believe helped me integrate these thoughts.


Yes, the energy lattices are most interesting.

Last night I was writing about the homeopathic tincture that when diluted enough times has none of the actual original poison in it and yet that poison lattice or intelligence remains. There is some rudimentary consciousness, such as allows the muons separated in deep mines at Sudbury to communicate, in all energy. It is affinitely connected across space and time as I have written about at great length before. I was discussing the Cyanide in peach pits that Laetrile utilizes, to be specific.

Now I find this response including a sigil visualized in another dimension by a healer on this seldom used site. By your thought of healing and taking the negative energy of the sick person away from them and encasing it where that energy will not return you are doing something like Dr. Masaru Emoto has scientifically replicated with water crystals. Crystalline structural intelligence is a major part of the shaman's work throughout over more than a million years as I see it. In his work we find the crystals respond to music or thought and convey a range of emotions or beauty. Your thoughts are an evidence of synchronicity that helped me clarify my thoughts this morning. Integrating all these things is something I will now do."

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