A Prison Planet

I decreed my 'twin' into my life in early 1990. It is a story I tell in other books but I think even Edward House would have a hard time topping my gifts. She was the only woman with a brown card in California when she sat on the Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Prison Reform. A brown card allows you access to all Penal System buildings. She had once been put in prison because the FBI could not catch her Mafia bosses who had duped her and many others in a Huntington Beach land fraud. She would not testify against them until they were behind bars because the Mafia goons had threatened to kill her two young daughters. It is a horror story of corrupt bureaucracy to say the least.

There are many spigots on the societal trough that these pigs line up at for their piece of the pie. The guards and workers in the 'system' would not be happy without their free sex like Linda had to give them in order not to be continuously raped by the inmates. The money they get from drugs or allowing prisoners special favors is disgusting as well as illegal. What about the lawyers passing laws and then benefiting from those laws. The wardens get lots of 'kickbacks' from suppliers or for 'slave labor'. Who cares if the prisoners are fed horsemeat or something worse, instead of the U.S.D.A. beef that was paid for? The political cronies are happy and the politicians don't want the electorate to see the people in prisons as victims who never got a good education or had a fair chance to begin with. It is a great way to maintain the 'status quo' without having to produce results that would benefit everyone. The statistics in Canada show a much better prison system and it seems you have to go to prison to be taught critical thinking skills here too.

Jung's theme of the central human problem relating to fear was something we often agreed upon. She couldn't find a way of making it work for her in her personal life however. Much as I was perhaps too extreme in my faith that the 'forces' would 'bless' me or answer my decrees if I was operating with RIGHT THOUGHT she had a negative anticipatory framework. This lack of self-esteem in male relations that had included a doctor who played Russian roulette with her before committing suicide himself eventually led to her being the 29th victim of the Long Beach rapist that she fingered and testified against. Her dedication and social service is still a great inspiration to me. To say she is a good soul is almost patronizing. To say she was a great soul would not overstate her inner beauty. I LOVE my 'twin' now as much as I ever did.

There was a passage in Simone Weil's book Gateway to God that we read together and that she was able to see my favorite author's meaning through. Krishnamurti and Teilhard de Chardin say it in fewer words but Simone does a great job on page 39 of her book:

"To anyone who does actually consent to directing his attention and love beyond the world, towards the reality that exists outside the reach of all human faculties, it is given to succeed in doing so. In that case sooner or later, there descends upon him a part of the good, which shines through him upon all that surrounds him.

The combination of these two facts - the longing in the depth of the heart for absolute good, and the power, though only latent, of directing attention and love to a reality beyond the world and of receiving good from it - constitutes a link which attaches every man without exception to that other reality.

Whoever recognizes that reality recognizes also that link. Because of it, he holds every human being without any exception as something sacred to which he is bound to show respect... Whoever in fact does not feel this respect is alien to that other reality also."

So many people see their own point of view in these kinds of comments and don't look deep enough to see everyone else's as well. Ego often gets in the way of real thinking and understanding and most people would insist they are respectful as much as they need to be in order to be linked to the collective Simone is talking about. Linda and I never disagreed on 'Brotherhood' issues but I think her fears kept her from the 'blessings' of this 'reality' or world mind. She does so richly deserve all the happiness in the world but then you could say that she and I are too outer-directed. Jung correctly noted that Freud had a similar fear of metaphysics that justified his always negative view of the occult. I like to think my lady eventually got past this academic and religious conventionalism but I do not know it for a fact.

Whatever our disagreements as to the theological underpinning of the empire-builders or old boy network, we certainly agreed there was a real threat to personal growth and freedom that prevails in society. The abuses of power that were evident in the Page Boy Scandal or in the near demonic rule of J. Edgar Hoover and so many other instances of this evil ego were often the topic of our disgust. We could see that 'organized crime' was less organized and insulated than the bureaucrats and professional Bars or Colleges that form part of the hierarchy of the 'old boy network'. She knew full well that the educational system was not structured to maintain or foster a 'Joy of Learning' that we both had made our life's greatest pursuit. I guess we found our greatest common inspiration in Einstein although it was for different perceptions of his deep meaning. Sometimes there was no difference in the meaning and though few in this world might imagine it this is the kind of thing that sets souls who really care, to wanting to know each other more in every way including the sexual. When Einstein says (for example) that: "Small is the number of those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own heart." Linda and I were really able to accept each other were more than just 'twins' in some psychic or astrological sense, we KNEW the depth of the others' own commitment to something real and loving.

If we don't learn about ourselves including our soul, the sensual and physical nature of humanity, our aura or other conscious connections then our emotions become unwieldy and confusing. Brotherhood is all about breaking down the walls between people or their souls. Respect and inclusiveness or integration offers more to a whole and complete or self-realized personhood. These things are so complex and interwoven yet they do lead inexorably to the true potential of humanity. I guess my probative and pompous postulating about these things can get a little tiresome as I proceed much like The Man of La Mancha to fight never-ending windmills. Einstein is seldom thought of as a guru or great spiritual person due to his excellence in other fields. And many are the times when I quote him or his friend Buckminster Fuller, who worked with him at Princeton; that I find people willing to suggest it means nothing that what I say is supported by their thoughts. Consider seriously the following quote from Einstein and make your conclusion about my sanity or level of RIGHT THOUGHT!

"How is it possible that this culture-loving era could be so monstrously amoral? More and more I come to value charity and love of one's fellow being above everything else... all our lauded technological progress - our very civilization - is like an axe in the hand of the pathological criminal."

There are many people who can't even control their own anxious moments and have never learned the basics of meditation and diaphragmatic breathing. A great deal of emotional stability has a connection with the intake of oxygen and its' ability to lessen stress. Prolonged minor oxygen deprivation can build a stress level near to panic! Yoga has so much to offer in connecting the chakra centers and the soul or 'chi' and 'pranha' through our lymph system. Yoga also offers a large variety of other perspectives in its' different disciplines. There is the Raja or Fire and Agni Yoga of intellect that mirrors the Hod of 'The Tree of Life' from Hassidic or Qabalistic knowledge that I have always enjoyed. Who cannot benefit from Bhakti and Tantric pursuits in their sexual union (yoga translated means 'union') and spiritual oneness with the forces we often deify and give names to, like God? We do our fellow man a great disservice by encouraging the papacy or priesthoods control over the matter of our own part in the Divine Purpose of God. This purpose can be thoroughly understood by the soul 'within' or the 'I Am' or YHWH consciousness from the teachings of Jesus.

I love the attitude of Bucky Fuller in relation to thinking and growing. He said that whenever he felt 'complacent and satisfied' with an idea that he would 'bite his tongue'. Indeed we often draw circles around ourselves and I have drawn some very large circles that prevent me from 'fitting' into normal society. I continue to observe and simultaneously challenge all nature of authority in hopes of a more complete understanding rather than simple ease and happiness. Bucky spoke fluently and with passion about the consciousness and things like 'creative realization'. If one is reading him for the first time it is wise to keep a Dictionary and Thesaurus close to hand.

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