Good Morning... Please...Thank-you!!

When I was a child, I remember that my parents instilled these words into my brain. At first, it seemed difficult to remember these 3 little phrases and I had to be constantly reminded of them. But soon they became an ingrained part of me, and my parents no longer had to remind me of when to use these words. They still remain a very large part of who I am. Some people say I am an extrovert, yet at times I know I am shy and can be an introvert (although my friends will find this hard to believe-ha!). So, if you are a shy person and you make these 3 phrases a constant part of your vocabulary---you will fool people into thinking you are an extrovert.

Good morning---Good afternoon---and Good night are 3 phrases that can really make your day. If you don't believe me, try this little experiment. Be the first one when you are crossing someone's path to say one of those phrases at the appropriate time of the day. I mean to really stay conscious and look the person in the eyes and sincerely wish them well by saying one of these greetings. I guarantee you that it will make you have a great day--------as well as the other person. But be careful all you shy people out there because the talk at the office or school is that people will start to notice that there is something different about you, and you seem to have changed. The truth is you have just started to become aware of making a small difference in your world and in others.

Working with school age children, I see how often they forget the words please and thank-you. Perhaps it is because I am older that I am starting to notice that these children don't understand how important these words are yet. Please and thank-you are just common courtesies that we tend to give more easily to strangers, than to the people that we sometimes live with. But again, it is just a reminder to not take anyone for granted as well as showing respect to all you meet and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Last year, I went to the Olympics in Greece which was a life long dream. Since I did not get the gene that allows me to pick up languages easily one of the committments that I made was to ask people how to say these 3 phrases in their language. What I discovered was that the peiple in each Country that I visited were all glad to teach me because I had a genuine interest in wanting to learn about them, their language and their Country. It made taveling much easier, and even though I am the "Archie Bunker" of slaughtering languages they greatly appreciated my effort. Just by learning these little 3 phrases, I truly became a world citizen and an ambassador for the United States. I was also able to observe how some of my fellow citizens were shunned because they expected everyone to just speak English. So, if you are going to a foreign country and did not get the "foreign language gene*, at least learn the 3 little words. It will make your stay much more pleasant, as well as make all those you meet appreciate your effort.

I was Pleased to share this insight with you and Thank-You for letting me into your lives. Hope you have a Good Day, Evening, or Night wherever you live!!

Fran Buckless has been a coach and educator for over 30 years. She has just started a newsletter, "All About Caring", on her website"> Her goal is to remind people that there is someone out there that cares about them and their needs. Fran comes from a spiritual background, and believes in helping others through a variety of ways. If you need a "pick me up" or something that will make you "think", read one of her articles. She is just like you, and will try to relate some of her experiences knowing that there are others who are going through the same thing. She is also committed to helping you find other people who come from integrity in a variety of fields-----people that you don't have to search for but can trust. If you like honesty, you will like what she has to write about. She is truly inspirational, and has a bigger heart than anyone I know.


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