Never Jump to Conclusions

Human mind which is well known as a fluctuating prodigy presumes itself to be a great judge. It is so natural for the mind to judge anything that appears to it especially so in the case of other human beings. It doesn't give little time to itself to start thinking about any person. It jumps to conclusions in no time. Is such thinking called proactive intelligence or lack of wisdom?

Time is the key factor in any one's life who values time. We need to take time to think of something worthy or to come to conclusions. Our whole life is busy concluding things and judging others but there is a time we have to pause to think and act wise. The moment a child sees his teacher in the class for the first time on his first day of school, his little mind gets busy judging her and he being tender at age, he lives his whole life at school with the same assumption. It is the same when students view the lecturers in the college for the first time. This happens in the case of our friends too when we meet them for the first time in a college or university. Couples, daughters-in-law, in-laws and whom ever we come across for the first time, we come to conclusions so easily as if we are the famous astrologers. What makes us judge others? What is the measuring scale to judge any being?

Firstly we judge people by their looks, smile, and their facial expressions and from there their mentality and characteristics. Above all we judge them by their talk. There are several types of talking behaviour. One type of talking is to speak normally from the heart. Another is to hide something inside and then speak something different which is called artificial talk or hypocrisy. One type is to always try to put down others by their sarcastic talk. Another is to speak with a feeling of pride that she is beautiful or rich or talented. Another is to always imagine oneself to be low and timid. Another is to speak humbly though talented and skilled. Another is to always depict untruth while speaking which is the most dangerous among all. This is an age of Kali where in, truth is not believed or appreciated but in fact it is discouraged where as falsehood is encouraged, admired as it is always sweet and tempting to another ear. When people talk of good, it isn't sweet to the ear but when something bad is being spoken every one gathers as they are more enthusiastic and curious. They tend to enjoy happiness at the cost of others' suffering. It is to attract such people, some people take it as an advantage to speak untruth regarding others. This happens due to jealousy, timid nature, not being talented or they are unhappy with their lives.

The best thing to avoid tragic situations or breaking of relations is to avoid listening to bad talk. It is so difficult that we cannot avoid such talk and so at such times, listen to it and have your attention on something that is good or Godly. Let your ears seem as if they are doing their allotted work but divert your mind towards something else. This way you will not hurt your so called friends who are trying to spoil your mind and as well you are not filling and hurting your conscience by their ill talk. If you are daring enough, humbly say- 'let us leave it with this. Let us not indulge in others' affairs.' Or just keep quiet, listen and then ignore reacting after their talk. There are many who break their relations just because of believing in what others say. My favourite quote is - "Believe not all what you hear; believe only half of what you see." Some times our own eyes deceive us and our sight. We see with our eyes but that which we see is sometimes not true. We assume it in a negative way. So until you hear a person talking negatively about you, do not believe anything others say negatively about you or any other person. Be wise and act accordingly. Just because person A spoke bad about person B, do not jump to conclusions and develop that negative attitude towards person B. You don't know how truthful any one is about some one. It is just their assumption.

One person's truth is another person's folly. Use your discrimination and not that of others. Never spoil your or others' relation by talking ill of others or by reacting to others' ill talk. Remember every action has its own reaction and it will come back to you too with the same or double force you applied when you spoke ill of others. It is not their mistake to talk ill of people. It is your mistake to believe what they talk and there by react negatively leading to hatred. Above all you are the owner of your life and you are the only one responsible for the building up of your karmas. You alone have to repay it and not any one else. So be cautious in what you listen, what you talk and how you react. You need not live to judge; every moment of yours need not strive towards conclusions. You can still live happily without jumping to conclusions. Take your own time to understand people. First dig with in your own self and learn about you. If you have succeeded in knowing who you actually are, it is then you can worry about judging people. Above all, there is a mighty powerful judge called 'God' whose only work is to judge your actions. So indulge in doing good alone.

"When the great God judges the humanity by its actions, why does man judge the humanity by mere outward looks? Don't they know all that glitters is not gold?" -Sharmila Sanka

Written on June 23rd 2005

Sharmila Sanka


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