Create Your Own Self Esteem - Part 2

The good part of this story is that there is now hope to end and effectively reverse the effects of all negative emotions that we individually and collectively experience in our lives. Now we come back to the word reversal I spoke about earlier. The process of choosing to end and to reverse the effects of negative emotions is what I call having Esteem for the Self! By this I mean that as you engage the contents of this book from a sincere and real desire to accept what it has to offer you are choosing to "love" your Self. And loving the Self is really the same as having the highest form of Esteem for the Self, which is You.

Before we move on however, let us briefly summarize what we have learned so far:

- Self Esteem can change and we can change it

- Self Esteem rises when we experience positive emotions

- Self Esteem falls when we experience negative emotions

- Through our decision to choose which emotions we allow into our mind/bodies we can influence the level of our self esteem

- Negative emotions drain our vital life energy

- Positive emotions re-infuse us with vital life energy

- We can enhance Self-Esteem by having Esteem for one's Self

- Having Esteem for the Self can have significant positive effects on one's health and well being

Having noted these points, one might ask why it is that their self-esteem is always on the low end? Well it's often because they are in the habit of choosing to invite negative emotions into their life probably without even realizing it or realizing their effect. If this is so, then why aren't we in the habit of inviting positive emotions rather than negative emotions into our lives?

It's likely that the negative emotions set up in you a feeling that change is impossible i.e. pessimism which is also a negative mind set. If we were to use the analogy of a thermostat we could say that our temperature setting is set on low. Conversely, some people seem to naturally have a temperature setting that is set higher than others; that is they seem to generally be in good spirits and think and feel good about themselves. What is it that has made these people different

The extent to which we knowingly choose to invite, or are unknowingly in the habit of inviting, negative emotions into our lives depends on a number of factors:

- Acquired beliefs that such emotions are useful in some way

- Acquired beliefs that such emotions are necessary in daily life

- Acquired beliefs that it is normal to allow oneself to experience such emotions

- Acquired beliefs that such emotions are part of what it means to be a normal human being

- A lack of awareness of the deleterious impact of such emotions on one's life at all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

In other words, if you knowingly or unknowingly choose to believe that negative emotions (i.e. anger, worry, guilt, fear of being alone, unworthiness, etc) are somehow useful to you, necessary for you, a normal human experience and what it means to be human then you are more likely to allow them to intrude into your life.

As we said above, however, whenever you allow a negative emotion in it automatically brings your self-esteem and your vital energy down. Try it for yourself.

Additionally, if you do not recognize the deleterious impact that a negative emotion is having on your self-esteem, your energy level and your life then you are less likely to want to do something about it. This awareness, as you will learn, throughout this book, is so important that it alone can determine the overall level of self-esteem that you will have day to day.

I will assume that because you are reading this book that you already have some awareness of the negative effects that negative emotions have on you. Later on you will have many opportunities to expand this awareness thereby giving you greater mastery over your internal emotional environment

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Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Speaker, developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Maual for Personal Transformation" (available in e-book format at:"> He holds international telecoaching and teleconference sessions on healing mind, body and spirit.