The Power of Courtesy and Kindness

I'm currently listening to The Secrets of the Power of Intention audio program by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I highly recommend the program. In the program, he speaks a lot about the importance of kindness. When you consistently have thoughts of kindness, you have a clear connection to the way things work well in the world. Good things start to happen to you automatically. Even the chemistry of your body changes to create emotions that make you feel good (endorphins). You begin to attract allies who will go out of their way to help you without being asked.

Here's a question: what if more and more people were "guilty" of random acts of kindness? Just simply being courteous and kind for no good reason--not to get anything out of the situation (or person). Just being kind for kindness' sake? How would the world change?

Here is an affirmation that will help condition your mind to stay in a state of kindness: "I am now courteous and kind to everyone I meet."

What if just seeing another person, any person automatically triggered this thought? How would your actions change toward them? How much broader would you smile? How would it guide your conversation? Would it focus on you or on them? How would this change your driving habits? This is a GREAT affirmation and if you use it often enough, you will create thought habits of courtesy and kindness.

As that happens, over time, many wonderful things will happen to you and those around you. And if enough people start to think this way, the whole world will change. Did I happen to say that I am an optimist? Here is an interesting point. I read some place about a study that was done about what men and women look for most in a prospective marriage partner. The number one quality that men looked for was looks. The number one quality women looked for was security. No real news there (maybe that's why we have so many divorces and unhappy marriages).

But the number two quality desired by BOTH men and women was KINDNESS. I would say that deep down, this is probably the number one quality we all want. Looks always fade with age. "Security" based on material things is often elusive (regardless of income). KINDNESS IS ETERNAL. It is a state of mind--a positive state of mind. So, if you want to meet other people's deepest need (as well as your own), condition your mind to think only thoughts of courtesy and kindness to yourself and to other people.

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