Musicians Survival was Truly a Miracle: Singer Songwriter Fights for his Life

Every morning when singer-songwriter Michael Alan looks into the mirror and sees the surgical scar across his chest he is reminded of how lucky he is to be alive. Three years ago he suffered a major heart attack and a year after the episode he was required to have open-heart surgery. The heart attack caused physical disability and the onset of severe depression. In perspective his life evolved around a course of different therapeutic modalities for several years.

Looking back in time, it was the musical sounds in Michael's head that helped to keep him internally calm during the 911 emergency run to the hospital. He closed his eyes and concentrated on beautiful music and calming images to offset the immense pain and fear. In Michael's words, "When one experiences an event which threatens your life, leaves you disabled, or takes from you a loved one, the soul inside of you searches for understanding and it yearns for compassion from others. My wounded heart led me to the one thing which always nurtured my spirit".

Michael's efforts to improve his emotional state led him back to singing and writing songs, a passion he had put on hold while making other commitments to develop a business career. The result of Michael's rebirth in writing and recording is the making of a new album release titled "Michael Alan - Searching for the Heartland."

The recorded song tracks on the CD are a compilation of different time periods in Michael's song writing, performing and recording career. They include his works as a staff writer for a major music publisher in Los Angeles, his performance touring in Europe with the Esquires, and his most recent music projects since relocating to Seattle, WA. Several of the songs on the album have received grandiose broadcast results on regional College radio in the US. The songs "Rosary" and "Candy" have been placed onto "air-play rotation" schedules with several European commercial stations for weekly broadcasts.

Michael Alan, who records with the label "Global Fish Records," is a rare artist who creates without a prescribed musical formula. His approach to writing is straight from the heart, lyrically poetic and honest, and void of any sound-alike comparisons. His songs create a myriad of lyrical expressions and images that move the listener through a musical experience of excitement, tenderness, passion, and sadness. His ability to write songs in a variety of musical styles reveals the fact that he is an avid listener of all types of music.

Michael approaches the art of song writing with full emotional conviction. He expresses himself in a personal way sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings through his music. In a recent conversation he commented, "Sometimes on a rare occasion the music and words come together like shadows of light creating a warm sense around me. It's a feeling that you are not alone in the rhythm of life. It's in this moment that you know the hearts and souls of all people around the world are truly connected."

Music and Healing: Michael has been blessed with a second chance at life. It is his desire to share his personal story in hopes that he might encourage people to become educated about heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of Americans today affecting people of all ages. The American Heart Association website,, offers a wealth of health information and discusses many options to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Global Fish Records and Michael Alan are a registered third-party fundraiser for the American Heart Association. A portion of the revenue from the music CD sales is donated to the American Heart Association affiliate office in Seattle, Washington. To learn about the association's resources and programs call 1-800-562-6718.

Michael spends his Saturday mornings handing-out educational literature about heart disease to people at shopping malls and grocery stores in Lynnwood. He is comfortable in sharing his experience with folks and he feels a responsibility to inform the public about the growing health crisis in America.

As Michael puts it; a lot of people walk by and look at me with a silly grin on their faces while I'm standing in the rain and the cold in my efforts to chat and offer life-saving information. The highlight of my efforts is when a person calmly approaches me with a smile and says "I read the literature you gave me last week and I visited the website of the American Heart Association and now I am prepared to discuss my health concerns with my doctor in an informed manner."

The music CD, Michael Alan - Searching for the Heartland, is available at the website:

The website offers mp3 audio samples for all 12 songs along with insights and lyrics. The album's promotional song release "Rosary" can be downloaded for free. Additionally, the site includes links to several nationally recognized health-information websites.

Michael Alan is a published singer songwriter, with album & movie credits, who has lived and toured in the US and Europe. Website:">

He is also an active member of the American Heart Association.