I Dont Like This

You always do this wrong, how many times would I have to tell as to how to do the thing right, don't you understand to what I say, I am talking to you, are you listening to what I am saying. It would have been much better if I would have done that myself. Now go.

Please don't take me wrong when you read that, cause this is the behavior I see prevailing from a human to other human.

How did you feel if any of you started reading that as it was being said to you? I know you felt bad inside and this is natural. Why are we all going bitter? Why? Any specific reason for that? Well there could be million reasons to that with million situations, but still why?

Do we hear to how we talk to other people? Do we? Do we hear ourselves loud enough when we are talking with someone in a harsh way, do we hear that, and do we switch shoes to feel that as well? Do we? I guess not? Else the face of Earth bearing humans would have been different than what it has become now, I think. I think.

I am not merging words to words they are doing that on their own, its just feelings that are pouring out.

Can't I talk politely to you? Do I have to holler everytime when I have to say something? Don't I feel how you would feel when I holler at you? I do feel bad when somebody does that to me and I say that he doesn't know how one should talk to others, but I won't see myself when I holler at others, Why? I think I am talking to myself again, loud.

We are all just human beings, made of dirt, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, that is our fate, but why we don't live and let live, why? These question do really bug me as I explore and am unable to find answers, but I know they are scattered all around, its just we need to see, to bring in a change in ourselves, I believe that its all out there and we just have to see, I believe that.

Its not too late to see all that, but it has to be late at one point in time, I don't know when, though I see things are at their max in hatred and distrust, I think I know why, because I think that is a simple equation, I hurt you and you hurt me and we go enemies forever, but why I think of hurting you, thats a question that I have to ask to myself again.

Have you seen Dominos falling one upon the other, till the last one falls too, and there it goes, they are all down, they are, there has to be one domino that stands and doesn't lose its place to support who have fallen on it and prevent the ones ahead from falling down, I know its hard and might seem impossible, but it is achievable, we all can do that, we can, we can by standing still at our places, strongly, I believe we can do that. I do.

Hope I care and feel for you and you care and feel for me and the humanity can survive. Just a feeling, don't feel any bad to what is said, its all feelings.



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